Packing and Shipping Services in California- Safe & Neat Your Product

Packing and Shipping Services

An Efficient Solution for Your FBA Pack and Ship Needs

Amazon’s FBA packaging requirements are complicated and many businesses struggle to follow them. If you are shipping at least 500 orders per month, WestFBA will package all of your items according to Amazon’s specifications and ensure that all specifications are followed to each individual product. When you subscribe to order updates, we will notify you at pick and pack of the order so that you can get the dimensions and weights on the order. By working in both your Amazon Seller Central and WestFBA accounts, you will have all the information needed.

For Amazon FBA is constantly rejecting your Packages

Getting your packages rejected by Amazon can be disastrous for your business. All the work you put into preparing the package is lost, you’re stuck paying high shipping fees, and your customers end up empty-handed. WestFBA professionals specialize in meeting Amazon’s specifications and make sure your packages never get rejected.

Pack and ship service in California

Your first Amazon FBA shipment

Your first shipment of products to West FBA. Amazon has rather strict shipping guidelines, we will go through their requirements for preparation, labelling, deliveries and packing to make sure your first shipment and encounter with FBA goes well.

With this option Amazon will stock, pack, prepare, and ship your product to a buyer, as well as manage customer service and returns. Your only responsibility as seller is to keep track of your Packing and Shipping Service, inventory, and restock when necessary.

You will go through the following six-step shipment creation workflow:

  • Set the quantity for each product
  • Prep guidance depending on the type of products you have
  • Print labels
  • Review and approve your shipment to FBA
  • The shipping method along with carrier details. For this step you also specify number of boxes and print your shipping labels.
  • A summary of the shipment process, where you can review the contents of your shipments, and track your shipment and its receiving status at the FBA warehouse.

Our WestFBA team uses proven packing techniques and the best equipment to pack and ship your items. Watch below to see the Packing and Shipping Service you receive when you choose The Handle with Care Packaging Store to pack and ship your large, priceless or delicate items.

Pack and ship service in California

These are only some of the reasons pack and mail companies, like The WestFBA, exist. We are a packaging services company that offers custom Pack and Ship Service in California. We have stores located in California. We cater to those who want anything packed, shipped, or transported.

Packing and Shipping Services, Pack and ship service in California

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